You Could Just See the Wheels Turning

Training wheels came off, and the crooked helmet went on. A skinned knee was no bother, just part of the uniform.

"Caed doin' it! He bidin' his bike!" the little cheerleader squealed and clapped.

Then came unstoppable smiles and high fives all around.

"Again?" the proud rider asked his Dad.

"Again!" said Dad.

A few more rounds were had that day, and then the next. And those wheels have thousands more times to turn.

But for that first time when the wheels turned and he beamed and balanced and nearly skinned the other knee, I was there. And so was his Daddy. And we know better than to ever ask for more.

Linked to Tuesdays Unwrapped, as the gift of a moment I will most certainly never forget. Even now as I recap, I can't stop smile-crying. Or "smying", if you'll permit this sappy mom the privilege of a made-up verb.

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