Stop the (Com)Motion


If it must be, then please make it the slow variety.

Because I am tea-cup spinning dizzy. If summer was a suitcase, I'd need the entire family to sit on it to get it zipped.

But there is no time to sit. So I'm carting around days so dangerously packed (with the best of goods) knowing it might all spill out at the worst possible time. Knowing I might lose it entirely.

There might be a million reasons why we have allowed summer to make a commotion. But the only thing that matters now is that I take the time I don't have and stop. Put my foot out, skid up my shoe, and find a way to slow down.

Because this is too fast. And we're bound to have a Fall. And I'm just not ready for that.

So please? Can I have slow motion, just for a day? Or maybe a week? Because look! They're getting away!

And I cannot catch them. Or my breath.

Linked to Beth's You Capture challenge, where the prompt is "Motion".

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