I just found this draft from a month ago. My mom and dad were visiting at the time, and I didn't have time to publish it. But I figured why not now...


Sometimes I tear up for no reason at all.

It happened twice today.

Now before you assume it's just crazy mother hormones, I must say it's not that kind of tearing up. Trust me. I know that kind of tearing up, am quite familiar with it, in fact, and this is not it.

It's the kind of tearing up that might better be called welling up. I feel full to my brim, and it spills into my eyelids.

I hear my girl giggling at the surf. I see my boy chasing a seagull, then announce what he's just done using a perfect "G" sound.

I watch my Dad doling out underdogs to his grandchildren on the swings and overhear the squeals of glee from the backyard. I see my daughter take my mother's hand and pull her into the frigid ocean, yelling "C'mon NANA!!!"

And I well up. Spill over. Give thanks.

I have not always felt this full. And I know my future may hold hollowed days. But today, in these moments, I well up.

Since I'm vaclempt, perhaps you should discuss among yourselves. What did you well up over this week? Or perhaps last month, if you want to follow my not-so-late-breaking reporting schedule?

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