Peacing It Together

There is an unexpected quiet and a peace not fought for. And whenever it steps a silent foot forward, it startles me.

I did not see the moment coming. When two preschoolers would ponder, uncoaxed.

Or when waves would go from fizzling to flat, from crashing to cove, with a tilt of the moon.

Peace will not pose as an entitlement and refuses to be staged. It is almost always a surprise, a just-because gift. It is Wait! Don't look now, but I think that might be it. Hold still! I said not to look. Oh there, it's gone. But did you see it? Yes, that was most definitely peace.

And the best kind, the very best kind of peace, is the kind you discover (and usually by accident) alongside another.
Linked to I Should Be Folding Laundry's You Capture series, with a prompt this week of Peace.

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